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I have lived in Ashton for over 70 years and have been involved in helping our village community for much of that time.

I have developed this village web site ( since the early days of the internet in 1996.

For over 50 years I have been collecting as much of the village family history as possible. Our ‘Ashton Archive’ is a fast growing resource and I would like to thank all the many Ashton villagers ( many now sadly passed ) that have helped and contributed to the history archive. If any of the current or previous village members have any documents, maps, photographs that I could copy ( and return of course ), please contact me.

Delia and I have attempted to make our village history available to all with the publications of books, web site, newsletter ( Ashton Village News ), videos and our occasional but popular ‘Ashton Roots’ History weekends. These weekends, over three days, have seen people from all corners of the world, and even Hartwell, gather to view and share their Ashton Family history knowledge with us.

If you would like to find out more about Ashton or help us with our ‘Ashton Archive’, do please get in touch.

Whilst every care is taken regarding the publication of this website, the Publisher can accept no liability for the accuracy of the contributions.

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